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Liu chengwei

Lawyer, Senior Economist.

Now he is the CEO of Oriza Holdings, and also holds positions as chairman of CSVC, the chairman and general manager of Sandlake Financial Service Company, the general manager of Oriza Horizon,Oriza Prior . A partner of Guochuang Oriza Holdings Venture Capital Company (limited partnership), he also is director of Guochuang Kaiyuan,Huaxin investment,SF Express,CMC company,ect.

Sheng Gang

MBA of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Economist.

Now he is the vice president of Oriza holdings, also the chairman and general manager of Heyu Technology Financial Company, the chairman of Rongchuang Guarantee Company, Suzhou technology financial and Jinji Lake Mcrocredit Company. Mr. Sheng has worked for many years in finance and financial management fields. So he has a thorough understanding of the high-tech industries and direct equity investment. He has released the first venture enterprise bonds. He also created the first loan company in “loans & investment” mode. From 1993 to 2002, he worked for People’s Bank of China in Suzhou Branch and the Commercial Bank in Suzhou in credit management. In 2002, he joined Oriza Holdings, and worked as general manager of the Guarantee Department, the chief economist and financial officer. 

He kun


Now he is the assistant president ,and in charge of financial in Oriza holdings. Mr. He Kun joined the Oriza Holdings in 2007 as the deputy general manager and general manager of the company's financial management department. Before joining Oriza, he served as manager of Audit Department of Lixin Accounting firm and head of Finance Department of many large and medium-sized enterprises.

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