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Sandlake Financing Service

Sandlake Financing Service

Sandlake Financing Service was established in July 2011, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oriza Holdings. From the beginning, the Sandlake committed to deliver the most dynamic entrepreneurial platform for our clients’ better connection and communication. So far, we've set up three diversified business units, which consisted of VC Fund Service, Financial Advisory and Entrepreneur Service.The aim is topromote deep integration between capitals, talents and projects from various online and offline brand activities.As China's only Venture Capital Community,China's fristDoctoral Venture Capital Center,the only financial town in jiangsu province(the Sandlake Fund Town),all are managed by the Sandlake Financing Service. At the same time,Sandlake Financing Serviceoperates Jinhe Angel Fund.

Dongsha Lake Fund Town

Sandlake Fund Town, situated in Suzhou industrial park, has an overall planning area is 3.2 square kilometers, of which the core area is 1.6 square kilometers, which is managed by Shahu financial operation.Since the 3rd May 2017, Sandlake Fund Town, which is the only town relevant to financial industry, has been successfully listed one of the first batch of 25 provincial- level special town by provincial development and reform commission through public announcement.

Sandlake Fund Town is dominated by various types of fund gathering, including venture capital investment, equity investment, mergers and acquisitions, industrial investment, securities investment and other various private equity enterprises, financial institutions, high-end intermediary service institutions, which seeks to form the whole industrial chains covering innovation and venture capital financing services, to reaches new heights of China Fund, to build Fund Industry Agglomeration Platform, Capital Technology Docking Platform, and Innovation and entrepreneurship service platform. Sandlake Fund Town is going to to gather about 500 private equity enterprises, 100 financial service enterprises and high-end intermediary service institutions, and its size of registered fund is up to 200 billion and its scale of asset management is up to trillions in 3 to 5 years.

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