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Post-Doctoral Research Center

In recent decades, China's venture capital and equity investment industry has been developing rapidly, continuously promoting technological innovation, organizational innovation and industrial upgrading. Through different stages, a number of favorable areas of venture capital and equity investment support enterprises’ creation, initiation, development and reconstruction, and they become an important link of the complete capital support chain. At the same time, the advancement and challenges of the industry continue to emerge. Therefore, the ability to have strong research and innovation is an important factor for the investment management institutions to keep ahead in the fierce market competition. Research on the tight integration of industry, industry research, venture capital, and equity investment can effectively achieve the integration of industry and finance. On the other hand, it can further promote the development of Oriza Holdings.

The post-doctoral research center of Oriza Holdings was approved by the ministry of human resources and social security in March 2017. It is the first national post-doctoral research center established and run by venture capital and equity investment institutions in Suzhou. In December 2017, post-doctoral talents have been formally joined the post-doctoral research center. Post doctoral research includes medical health, integrated circuits, artificial intelligence and private equity investment.

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