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Oriza Direct Investment

The Direct Investment Department is a direct execution unit for equity investment business of Oriza Holdings, investment project management. It will make investment in relevant fields through market principle and cooperate with the industrial layout of the park by combining the company’s background of state capital holdings and making use of the advantages of the park in the industries such as medical health, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and new materials.      

There are total 247 direct investment projects with investment value of 4.289 Billion Yuan by the end of February in 2018. The project is mainly distributed in the industries like TMT, life health and cultural consumption. The investment platform includes China-Singapore Venture Capital Co., Ltd, BioBay Venture Capital Co., Ltd, Cowin Venture Capital Co., Ltd and Huayuan Management Consulting (Hongkong) Co., Ltd. Besides, the Direct Investment Department manage the following subsidiaries and direct investment funds. The basic information is as follows:


Established on Nov 28th, 2001, China-Singapore Venture Capital (Suzhou Industrial Park) Co., Ltd (Hereafter as “CSVC") is wholly owned subsidiary of Oriza Holdings with the registration capital of 1.73 Billion Yuan. As the predecessor of Oriza Holdings, CSVC undertakes the early investment tasks of the company.   

Biobay VC

Biobay Venture Capital (Suzhou Industrial Park) Co.,Ltd (Hereafter as Biobay VC) is established through the independent investment from Sino-Singapore VC in the Suzhou Industrial Park. Wholly funded byCSVC, Biobay VC was established on March 26th, 2008 with registration capital of 100 Million Yuan. Biobay VC does not have its own operation management organizations, instead it will authorize Sino-Singapore VC to manage its daily investment operation.

Cowin Venture Capital Co., Ltd

Cowin Venture Capital Co., Ltd (Hereafter as “Cowin VC”) was established on Oct 30th, 2006 with actual capital of 120 Million Yuan, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sino-Singapore VC.

Hongkong Huayuan

Huayuan Management Consulting (Hongkong) Co., Ltd. (Hereafter as HK Huayuan) is a private limited company by share established and effectively maintained in Hong Kong, whose filling has been completed in the Securities Investment Fund Industry Association. 

Yuanfeng Fund

Yuanfeng Venture Capital (Suzhou) Co., Ltd (Hereafter as Yuanfeng VC) is a company set up by Oriza Holdings, which mainly focuses on the investment in the projects of the Pre-IPO phase. The company was established in April 2007. The Oriza Holdings manage its fund. The management scale of Yuanfeng Fund reaches 250 Million Yuan. There are total 11 investment projects, all of which have realized investment exit by the end of 2017, among which 6 projects have successfully realized IPO with accumulated recovery funds of 942 Million Yuan and the average fund IRR of 31.28%. 

Hewen Fund

Initiated and set up by Oriza Holdings, Suzhou Hewen Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) (Hereafter as “Hewen Fund”) is a special fund used to make investment in China Media Culture Holdings Group (Hereafter as “China Media Culture”). It was established in September 2015.

China Media Culture project is to sign and establish China Media Culture Holdings Group on Oct 31st, 2015 through a year and a half of joint communication and efforts between Oriza Holdings and Li Ruigang’s team and cooperation with Tencent and Alibaba. The total investment value is 10.4 Billion Yuan. The company is registered in the Suzhou Industrial Park, whose operation team are mainly located in Shanghai, Beijing and Hongkong.

The domestic subject of China Media Culture Holdings Group is established in the Suzhou Industrial Park, aiming to proactively stimulate the industrial transformation of the park and promote the development of the industries like culture and sporting, tourism and entertainment as well as promote the establishment of culture and media multinational group headquarters in the Suzhou Industrial Park. 

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