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Suzhou Industrial Park Heyu Technology Financial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Heyu Technology Financial) was founded in Augest, 2011,with registered capital of 3 billion Yuan, becoming a wholly owned subordinate of Suzhou Oriza Holdings, and in charge of credit investment platform management. Heyu Technology Financial Is a dedicated to the integration of financial and industrial resources, create the diversity of strong financial service platform of science and technology, provide diversified funding support for small and mid-sized enterprise technology financial group.

Heyu Technology Financial takes charge of Suzhou Heyu Venture Debt Co., Ltd., Nantong Heyu Venture Debt Co., Ltd., Huaian Heyu Venture Debt Co., Ltd., Taizhou Heyu Venture Debt Co., Ltd., Changzhou Heyu Venture Debt Co., Ltd., Wuxi Heyu Venture Debt Co., Ltd., Suzhou Ronghua Lease Co., Ltd., Suzhou Industrial Park Jinji Lake Microcredit Co., Ltd., Suzhou Rongchuang Technology Guarantee Venture Co., Ltd., It provides the technology enterprises and small enterprises a package of credit finance solutions.

Heyu Technology Financial, adhering to the tradition of ORIZA leading the industrial development and practicing the financial innovation, proceeds to integrate credit business resources, coordinate credit investment platform management, build technology and financial service market,, explore financial innovation, and build a diversified, multi-level and channel technology and financial products service system. And it commits itself to become the first-class technology and financial group. 

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