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Oriza Prior

Oriza Prior is a professional platform for M&A business and large projects operation management of Oriza Holdings, whose main function is to integrate investment resources with industrial resources. It has become an operation platform to maximize the appreciation on investment and to cash added-value for Oriza Holdings.  


Investment Strategy

Investment: Oriza Prior Subsidiary of Oriza Holdings is rooted in the Suzhou Industrial Park; whose business mainly focuses on “PE investment + M&A”. The domestic qualified strategic partners will be introduced through innovative fund business model, and the integration between capital and entity economy will be enhanced through equity investment fund to gather strategic resources, to provide value-added service with more added value for invested projects and to realize the mutual benefit and win-win for both investors and invested enterprises. 

Management: Currently Oriza Prior manages 6 funds including Yuanfeng fund of Oriza Holdings. The total investment value is 5.5 Billion Yuan. The fund investment fields include Internet of Things, Cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence while mainly focusing on artificial intelligence + consumption and artificial intelligence + manufacturing. It has been successfully invested in the industry leaders like Jia.com, www.ly.com and Hillstone Network, among which SF Express and Inno Light have become the excellent representatives for IPO. 

The corporate culture of Oriza Prior is Gratitude, Awe, Forward-looking and Tolerance. Oriza Prior owns experienced and excellent communication mechanism between government sectors, peers, financial institutions, intermediary organs and finance consultants. To better guarantee the rights and interests of fund investors, it will put the mandatory investment mechanism for the peers, the unlimited joint liability mechanism for the teams and team motivation mechanism into practice.

At present, Oriza Prior expects to better seize the opportunities and enable a batch of Chinese enterprises to own stronger and more continuous core competitiveness by taking capital as its band and integrating diversified resources of enterprises and professional investment organizations so that it can play a more active role in the industrial structure adjustment and industrial upgrading of China. And it also expects to create excellent investment returns for fund investors by sharing its achievements on the industrial upgrading of China.

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