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Suzhou Ronghua Lease Co., Ltd. was founded in November, 2012, with registered capital of 200 million Yuan, On January 31, 2013, it got the domestic financial leasing business pilot qualification from the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration of Taxation, and becoming the first domestic financial leasing company approved by the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration of Taxation in Suzhou. It aims at serving technological SMEs. By offering the SMEs with personalized various and professional lease solutions, Ronghua Lease also contributes to the economy transformation and industry upgrading.

With years of experiences and resources, Ronghua Lease mainly finances these SMEs in new energy, new materials, medical facilities, information and electronic equipment, machinery manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection industries. Also it includes municipal infrastructure, public transport, water supply, electricity, gas, sanitation and other equipment leasing, and provide financial lease services of asset management, leasing consulting and so on. Product include New equipment leasing, new equipment under operating leases, leaseback, business type leaseback, sub-leasing, venture leasing, vendor leasing, leasing commission, leveraged leasing, and joint leasing.

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