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Asset management

The specialty provides the management organization of "the disposal of bad financial assets and the management of high quality credit assets".

Suzhou Industrial Park ginkgo Asset Management Co., Ltd. is the main sponsor of Suzhou Industrial Park Heyu science and technology financial group. It is jointly established by Suzhou private investors and professional legal backgrounds. It is the first national capital enterprise specializing in bad financial assets in Suzhou area. Ginkgo assets should be professionally standardized and innovating as core values, specialized management and disposal of bad financial assets, exploration and development of credit asset securitization mode, and dedication to create a professional brand for rational allocation of financial resources in the region.

Business model:

1. The acquisition, management and disposal of bad financial creditor's rights

2holding financial claims

3. The financial creditor's right to be managed by the trustee

4. Credit asset securitization

5. Investment in real estate projects

6. Real estate entrustment loan

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