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Branding Activities

As the only comprehensive financing and investment platform ofOriza Holdings,Sandlake Financing Servicehas organized branding activities such as "Meeting at East Sand Lake", "Financing at East Sand Lake", “Succeeding at East Sand Lake” and "Study at East Sand Lake" to raise enterprises' awareness of specific questions for start-up enterprises on financing, taxation, talent fostering and market expansion.

Meeting at East Sand Lake

GP/LP Salon is an Equity investment forum that aims to build a communication platform between Investors. During the forum, thedevelopment trends and hot topics of equity investment industry can be discussed, the cooperation between LP and GP can be promoted, and the capitals can be gathered in the Sandlake Fund Town.

Financing at East Sand Lake

Startups Roadshow is the activity, which we aim to create a financial consulting and roadshow promotion platform for enterprises. The enterprises can maintain contact with capitals quickly, though different industries、stages and areas roadshows.

Succeeding at East Sand Lake

SMB corporate withleading enterprise is the activity that gives the SMB corporates  chances to communicate with leading enterprises directly, it helps SMB corporates obtain industry resources, includingproduct R & D, supply chain and the M & A investment. The industry development trend can be analyzed though the establishment of SMB enterprises development alliance.

Study at East Sand Lake

Entrepreneurs and investors training is a training program that consisted of the Entrepreneur training camp and the venture capitaliststraining program, which provides efficiencyandpractical trainings for both entrepreneurs and capitalists. During the training program both entrepreneurs and capitalists can achieve investment and industrial resources.

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