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Jiangsu (Post) Doctoral Venture Capital Center

Brief Introduction

This is the first (post) doctoral venture capital center in china. The center have a (post) doctoral workstation as a carrier, gathering excellent doctors and post doctors in or outside the province.Provide policy consultation, IT service, entrepreneurial tutorial, start-up incubation, financing docking, entrepreneurial communication and some other services for doctors, postdoctors and workstations in the province. We believe the center will grow into a national center by 2022.


The establishment of Jiangsu (Post) Doctoral Venture Capital Center (hereinafter referred to as "Center") is aiming to the further implementation of innovation driving and talent development strategy, fully implement government policies, further serving the talent strategy in Jiangsu Province, promoting transformation of scientific research achievements, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, guiding social capital to provide more diversified and more permanent capital support.

Organization Structure

The center is established by Jiangsu Department of human resources and social security, Suzhou Bureau of human resources and social security, SIP Management Committee and Oriza Holding.

Center Positioning

The center is anexoteric platform for doctors and post doctors both inside and outside the province to provideinnovation and entrepreneurship services.The main task is to helpingindustrialization of doctors and post doctors’innovation of scientific research projects with policy advice, information services, business support, business incubation, financing, business exchanges and some other services.

Development Target

We insist "industry oriented, cooperation innovation, market mechanism” to promote theestablishment of the center.Providing policy advice, IT services, business support, business incubation, financing docking, entrepreneurship communication and other services.And strive to develop the center into 4 major centers before 2022:

-- The communication center of the (post) doctors in the province which can gathering more than 3000 (post) doctors and R & D teams to achieve the full coverageof the innovation industry in our province.

-- The promoting center of (post) doctors’ innovation and entrepreneurship, can provide more than 1000 people with financing consulting, industrial docking, start-up tutorial and other services per year. In addition, Fostering more than 30 enterprises into stock markets, of which there are no less than 5 enterprises of the main board, small and medium board and start up board.

-- The finical services center of (post) doctors, can financing more than 4 billion RMB for their entrepreneur projects.

-- The incubator center of the (post) doctors’ scientific achievements, can realizemore than 200 scientific research achievements every year.

We believe the center will grow into a national center by 2022.

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