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Suzhou Financial Asset Exchange

Aimed at Improving the support system of innovative financial services in Suzhou and Building the local financial market system, Suzhou Financial Asset Exchange is committed to innovate financial assets transaction mode and processwith the principle of marketization, specialization and openness. Through the provision of quality services, improvement of the trade efficiency, and optimization of the distribution of financial assets, Suzhou Financial Asset Exchange forms an integration of comprehensive financial service platform including function of assets registration, information release, product design, financing, trading and settlement services.

Suzhou Financial Asset Exchange focus on serving the local economy in Suzhou,improving local asset liquidation,broadening the financing channels of small and medium-sized enterprises,supporting enterprises based on independent innovation,promoting to build a financial innovation platform which serves the transformation and upgrading of the whole city. Suzhou Financial Asset Exchange will set up brand and characteristic in the exchange market of Jiangsu and East China.


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