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Suzhou Equity Exchange

Suzhou Equity Exchange (hereafter referred to as “SEE”) is a regional equity marketestablished under the demand of China's multi-level capital market system by the State Council, filed on the record ofthe inter-ministerial joint meeting of the State Council, approved and monitored by the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province.

SEE is oriented as the regional OTC market of Jiangsu Province, playing a significant supplementary role to the main board, the growth enterprise board and NEEQ. Since the opening on 19th April of 2016, SEE has been building the investment and financing service systemfor regional equity market, mainly providing service such as equity registration, listing of the fourth board, and private placementsfor technological and innovative SMEs, and cooperating with professional institutes including brokers, accounting firms and law firms in the form of membership to provide comprehensive service for enterprises to regulate their operations towards higher levels of the capital market.

SEE will, based on local economic characteristics and advantages, abiding by the principles of marketization, professionalism and openness, devote itself to building a public equity trading platform, fully exploiting the economic advantage of SMEs and the agglomerative advantage of PE firms cluster, optimizing the ecological construction of capital market with Internet thinking, taking the responsibility of serving enterprises and effectively reducing the burden of trading cost on enterprises and investors, and creating a financial eco-environment adapt to the local economic development of Suzhou.

In the era of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, Suzhou Equity Exchange would collaborate with investors who understand entrepreneurs the most to energize our enterprises.

Official website: https://www.suzotc.com/

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