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Oriza Rivertown

Oriza Rivertown is the equity investment platform of Oriza Holdings specialization from growth period to pre-mature period.

Oriza Rivertown gives priority to investment from growing period to pre-mature period and the core members of the management teams have dual background of both entrepreneurship and equity investment. They experienced the ordeal of three economic cycles, excavated a lot of unicorn projects, managed the whole team, deep ploughed the internet and service industry for more than 10 years, grasped business opportunities of internet popularity, shared the users mobile bonus, layout the distribution around artificial intelligence, seeked the opportunities of brand enterprise investment in the consumption upgrade, excavated the potential middle and small-sized enterprises in vertical field.


Investment Strategy

Investment: Conform to the trend, focus on the Internet, intelligent hardware and the “Golden Track” of consumer upgrade industry. Based on the rigorous and professional investment process and five-step risk control system, excavate the potential “Champion” of sub-industry small and middle enterprises with high growth potential. The team also uses the way of portfolio investment to spread loss, giving investors sustainable and assignable return on investment.

Management: The core members of the management team respectively own over 10-year successful entrepreneurial experience and equity investment experience, who helped the enterprises invest improve their  entrepreneurial team, improve enterprises’ management methods, optimize business models and improve business performance , thus to gain a  long-term stable development. They also paid attention to the management after being invested, bringing more additional value for the enterprises except capital only.

Retreat: Nearly 40 percent of the investment projects, which were accomplished by the core teams, have been listed successfully or have been merged or acquired at a very high price.

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