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Oriza FOFs

Oriza FOFs is the professional Fund of Funds management platform under Oriza Holdings.

Oriza FOFs seeks to invest in Venture Capital funds focusing on early and growth stage, with the industrial theme of Healthcare, Intelligent Manufacturing, Enterprise Services, Consumer, and Entertainment. As the first privately owned Fund of Funds management team, Oriza FOFs was among the first to build the comprehensive investment/management procedure in the industry, as well as the first GP community in China.


Investment Strategy:

Keeping investing in outstanding GP’s - Supporting GP with potential to excel, and cooperating with GP teams in the long run to assist team growth. The long-term investment strategy can lower investment risk and maximize return effectively.

Seeking new GP teams - Oriza FOFs defines itself as the angel investor of GP teams. Utilizing many years of experience in the industry, Oriza FOFs has a deep understanding of GP’s resources, and is thus able to discover outstanding GP teams. The ability to seek out and supporting new GP’s is the core competitive advantage of Oriza FOFs.

Building the eco-system to optimize distribute resources - With strategies of White/Black Horses and sector distribution, Oriza FOFs invested in GP teams of all kinds, leading to an eco-system of the VC industry. Outstanding GP teams bring Oriza FOFs with the insights of the industry.

Fund Portfolio

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