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A new chapter in the parent fund, Oriza FOFs office officially established in Beijing

On August 28th, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Office of Oriza FOFs was held in Beijing. Liu Chengwei, holding president of Oriza FOFs, Xu Qing, managing partner of Oriza FOFs, and partners of many well-known domestic institutions attended the opening ceremony.

Liu Chengwei, president of Lantern Holdings, delivered a welcome speech

The Oriza FOFs Beijing office is located in the Qihao Building in Beijing and is part of the embassy district in the heartland of the Yansha Business District of Sanyuan Bridge, here is Beijing's most unique and most historic business circle, is headquarters of many international organizations, agencies and offices, adjacent to the East Third Ring Road with convenient transportation. It is reported that from the perspective of the geographical distribution of fund managers, the registered places of equity investment institutions active in China are still relatively concentrated in the Bohai sea, Pearl River Delta, and Yangtze River Delta regions, while the center of the Bohai sea region is Beijing.

Partners of Oriza FOFs (From left: Li Huaijie, Xu Qing, Wang JiPeng)

Opening ceremony

The headquarters of is located in Suzhou, is China's first market-oriented professional fund management team, since 2006, has been entrusted parent fund management, more than 10 years' precipitation and accumulation, the professional degrees on the parent fund investment, fund agglomeration effect and other aspects showing the unique and distinct advantage.

As one of the equity investment sections of the Oriza Holdings, Oriza FOFs combined the advantages of the Oriza Holdings platform and its own brand advantages to give full play to the demonstration effect of the equity investment fund and the agglomeration effect of the equity investment team and funds. So far, the total size of funds managed by Oriza FOFs exceeds 10 billion yuan, the fund management team exceeds more than 40, investment funds to exceed 60,indirect portfolio of more than 800 enterprises, radiation assets scale is expected to more than 60 billion yuan, and created the first true sense of GP community in China, to provide value-added services.

In June 2017, the country create Phase II parent fund managed by Oriza FOFs, completed its final closure with a total scale of more than RMB 6 billion, the investment target is a venture capital fund for early and growth investment, which focuses on the overall industrial upgrading brought from data and intelligence. Specifically, to transform smart manufacturing in traditional industries with data, cultural and entertainment in the context of consumer upgrades, and health care that is still in the bonus period are all the focus of the layout of the second-phase parent funds.

In the investment portfolio of Oriza FOFs, including fund management teams such as Qiming Venture Capital, Zhongding Venture Capital, Tonghe Yucheng, Fangguang Capital, Jinshajiang Venture Capital, Junlian Style, Yuanjin Capital, and Songsong Capital.

Oriza FOFs will continue to establish the benchmark for Chinese institutional investors and strive to become China's leading professional fund investment management agency!


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