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The cumulative transaction volume of Suzhou Financial Transactions Center exceeded 10 billion yuan

Just after National Day the Mid-Autumn festival, Suzhou financial assets transaction center spread good news, up to the end of September 2017, the cumulative volume of the center reached 10 billion yuan, this means that Suzhou service enterprise transformation and upgrading, a level billions of financial services platform was born in entrepreneurship and innovation area.

Suzhou Financial Transactions Center is the regional financial assets trading center. The objective of the Suzhou Financial Transactions Center is to serve the local economy in Suzhou, and is committed to activate the financial assets stock in Suzhou area, making use of increment, based on Suzhou and face the Eastern China, under the wave of asset securitization and interest rate liberalization, provides an open, fair and fair trading platform for all types of financial assets, free to engage in transactions, and has become an entrance portal for many institutional investors to select assets, promote the transfer of financial assets and product innovation, broaden the financing channels of small and medium-sized enterprises, support enterprises for independent innovation, to create the city's transformation and upgrading of the financial service innovation platform.


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