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ORIZA FOFs: 11 years Parent fund management experience to promote United Media FOFS

At the capital opening ceremony of United Media FOFs, Wang Jipeng, partner of Oriza FOFs, made a speech on behalf of the organization. Wang Jipeng pointed out that he hopes that this cooperation between Oriza FOFs and United Media FOFs Capital can combine the experience of Oriza FOFs in the management of the parent fund with the resource background of United Media FOFs Capital in the cultural industry and inject new energy into the investment in the cultural field, to create a win-win industrial ecosystem.

As the first domestic institution engaged in the RMB fund investment, operation and management, since 2006, Oriza FOFs has managed a total of RMB 20 billion in fund management, investing more than 60 private equity funds, and through the above funds to invest more than 850 start-up companies. The cooperation between Oriza FOFs and United Media FOFs will integrate resources and achieve win-win results from the following aspects.

1、Sharing the Experience in Parent Funds’ Investment Management

As an industry benchmark for the Chinese parent fund industry, Oriza FOFs was the first to establish a complete parent fund investment and management system in the industry. Its professional degrees on the fund investment, fund agglomeration effect and others showed the unique and distinct advantage, focuses on venture capital funds engaged in early stage and growth stage investment, and invested in well-known teams such as Jiyuan, Qiming, Huaying, Jinshajiang, and professional fund management teams such as Fangguang, Zhongding, and Tongzhi. In addition, the first real sense of management team community in China was created. Oriza FOFs will share the investment and management experience of the parent fund with United Media FOFs Capital, promoting and assisting the guiding effect, integration effect, scale effect and amplification effect of parent fund.

2、Innovative marketization operation mode

From the very beginning of its establishment, Oriza FOFs positioned itself fully in accordance with the marketization model. After deep studied for many years, has China's largest and sustained as well as rapid growth of venture capital fund portfolio, covering the most dynamic areas of China's economy, Oriza FOFs will together with United Media FOFs, relying on state-owned resources, occupy the core industry resources, and at the same time respect the laws of industrial development, the Internet communication, fund operation rule, making innovate architectural design between industry management requirements and marketization and commercialization, to help cultural enterprises to become better and stronger, and create stable and excellent returns for investors.

3、Deepen and focus on professional investment strategy

In recent years, Oriza FOFs has focused on the layout of TMT and the large-scale culture and consumption track. Since 2012, Oriza FOFs began to stay focused on the change and development in the field of cultural entertainment, and which developed into one of the key investment fields in Oriza FOFs. From comprehensive configuration to focus investment industry fund, and then to industrial upgrading at all levels, Oriza FOFs has had its unique investment strategy. In the future, Oriza FOFs will be hand in hand with the United Media FOFs, continued to invest with a professional and highly layout, deep understanding the cultural industry investment institutions and pioneering enterprises, through the power of market and the capital to motivate the cultural innovation potential.

The following is a record of Wang Jipeng's speech at the capital opening ceremony of United Media FOFs:

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Oriza FOFs is very glad to accept the invitation of United Media FOFs capital to participate in the preparation and establishment process of the parent fund of United Media FOFs. I also represent Oriza FOFs as a member of the Investment Committee of United Media FOFs Capital.

Oriza FOFs is the first domestic engaged in RMB fund investment, operation and management institutions. since 2006, Oriza FOFs has managed a total of RMB 20 billion in fund management, investing more than 60 private equity funds, and through the above funds to invest more than 850 start-up companies.

As is known to all, the United Media FOFs focused on investing in leading funds and outstanding projects in the field of new cultural media, while the entertainment and culture is also one of the core investment field to Oriza FOFs. Since 2012 Oriza FOFs began to learn and continue to focus on the change and development in this field. Especially in recent years, along with the transformative change of spread way brought from the mobile Internet rapid development, new media culture presents a wonderful sight. Large cultural entertainment area has always been the attention focus in the investment community, the valuation of venture enterprises are also rising. But at the same time, investment in the field of cultural has certain particularity, the content entrepreneurship is lower and lower, but the output probability of head content is more and more small, the industry policy is periodically adjusted now. "Wild flowers just might confuse one's eyes", it will be increasingly difficult to make investments in cultural fields.

This time, Oriza FOFs’s cooperation with United Media Capital hopes to collect the experience and lessons learned by Oriza FOFs in the past 11 years in the field of fund investment, and the long-term practical experience and special industry of United Media Capital in the cultural new media industry, This will enable the two sides to invest in the field of cultural and new media“making still further progress”.


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