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United Media FOFs: "Culture Unicorn" of exploring and investment

United Media FOFs will focus on industries in the cultural field that actively supported and encouraged by the country, and focuses on the new media industry, network culture industry, and TMT industry integrated with culture that rely on the development of the Internet and mobile Internet, cornerstone investors including Shanghai newspaper, local fiscal guide funds, local state-owned assets and financial institutions, etc.

As the most upstream of equity investment, United Media FOFs will play a "radar effect", through the combination of "fund + project", integrate multiple resources, and to create win-win industry ecosystem. On the one hand, United Media FOFs will invest in GP teams in the field of large culture with no less than 60% of the fund's scale, configuration is given priority to extensive cultural growth fund, through the combination of different subdivision tracks, investment phases, investment time points, and team backgrounds, realize the complete coverage in the field of large cultural field; On the other hand, through the “funnel” effect of the parent fund platform, actively explores, to select the best, and invest 40% of the fund's scale in core enterprises with clear mode, strong certainty and with platform potential, as well as those quality projects which in growth stages, mature stage.

The founding partner Zhang Qian from United Media FOFs said, "the United Media FOFs should do with the resources of capital, to be the industry investors in cultural new media industry."


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